Sunday Worship 31st January 2021 From the Manse in Brora

Please join our minister Reverend Lorna Tunstall for worship this Sunday 31st January 2021. A special thank you to those of you that sent in some lockdown photos that are shown at the start of this service. We are looking for many more so please do keep them coming –

Sunday Worship 10th January 2021 From the Manse in Brora

Join Reverend Lorna Tunstall for Sunday Worship on Sunday 10th January 2021 for Clyne Church in Brora linked with Bunillidh Church in Helmsdale.

Sunday Worship for 3rd January 2021 from the Manse

Whilst we might not be able to worship in person at the moment, we can get together for this short online service from the manse led by Reverend Lorna Tunstall.

Remembrance Day Service 8.11.20

A remembrance service led by Rev. Lorna Tunstall

New Minister Lorna Tunstall’s first regular services…

Our live recording of the Sunday Service on 1st November 2020. This was the first regular Sunday Service back in church since Lockdown and was also the first service for our new minister Reverend Lorna Tunstall.

This all Saints Service was hosted in both Clyne and Bunillidh Churches (this recording made at Bunillidh Church, Helmsdale)


Ordination Service for Reverend Lorna Tunstall 25th September 2020

For anyone that missed the ordination service of our new minister, Reverend Lorna Tunstall, you can watch the full service here.